Unbearable Craving

[Prompt: Write a dark and gritty remake of your favorite kids show. Wait as long as possible to reveal what show you’re referencing ]

     The hulking beast lifted its snout into the air, sniffing with purpose. It was feeding time. When his hunger emerged, his benevolent demeanor receded, a controlling need for food claimed all reason. Looking around the woods once more, the bear set its paws into pace towards his prey.
     A set of eyes watched from the hovel beneath one of the great trees, the small creature within gripped with fear and anticipation. The bear didn’t even look twice towards the rabbit’s den, he knew his hunger was greater than what was within. He continued down the path towards the meadow.

     An owl watched from a perch above the bear on the edge of the meadow, a look of discontent present on his wise face. The owl was familiar with the bear’s tendencies, and knew the length it would go to in order to feed. The owl watched from the treetop, opting to remain silent as the bear passed beneath him.
     A dejected donkey swayed from side to side near the large tree in the center of the clearing. The bear lifted its nose once more and took a deep breath. Saliva gathered within the bear’s mouth, the excess dripping from his lips as he smiled with satisfaction at the luck greeting him. The bear’s hunger raged within, urging him forward towards his mark.
     The bear broke into a run, barreling towards the donkey. His eyes were wide and crazed, spittle flew from his face as the bear opened his mouth to savor the scent in the air. The donkey continued to shift from side to side, it’s back towards the oncoming bear train. The owl watched silently from the branches above, knowing there was no stopping the bear when he was enraged.
     The crash that sounded shook the forest. The owl lunged from the tree, taking flight to circle over the scene in the meadow. As the wind stroked his feathers, he moved in closer for a look at the pathetic donkey.
     The donkey was on his side, legs kicking helplessly as he tried to gain purchase with his hooves and return to his feet. As the donkey struggled in vain, the owl looked to the bear in disapproval.
     The hefty bear was already halfway up the tree, his sights fixed on a large beehive 15 feet above him. The owl shook his head and flew down to the meadow, landing near the startled donkey. The small pig wringing his hands and watching nervously from the edge of the meadow hurried forward to meet the owl, helping him push the donkey back to his feet.
     The three critters watched the bear as it reached the beehive and thrust a giant paw into the combs, pulling out a sticky paw of honey goodness. The bear shoved it into his watering mouth and smacked as he enjoyed his meal. The bees began to gather, clearly distraught over the intruding paw.
     The owl beat his wings and took to the air, yelling, “Run Piglet! Run Eeyore!”
     Piglet and Eeyore ran from the meadow to the safety of the trees, leaving the tubby, yellow bear named Pooh to enjoy his hunny and deal with the bees.


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