Fragile Flight


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Via Daily Post: Fragile


As she watched the sparrows flitting through the air, she considered their fragility. Small creatures with hollow bones; their lifespan seemed a delicate dance. So easy it would be to fall while learning to fly, collide with an unseen object or misjudge a landing. Those hollow bones were a fragile thing, and she felt a certain sadness for the frail creatures. 

But how she yearned to fly like the sparrow. Free falling through the sky, diving between branches, soaring with the wind beneath their wings. The fragile, hollow bones allowed the birds the gift she could never possess. 

But was she not fragile herself in a sense? Yes, her bones could be broken as well, although not as easily as the sparrow’s. Yet there was something else tugging at the back of her mind. She was a fragile thing. Her emotions, her confidence, her sense of self; although they could not be physically damaged, they could still be broken. 

Sometimes it was easy to pick herself up after a fall. Putting on a partially genuine smile and assuring others everything was fine; while inside she felt the cracks spreading and causing her resolve to nearly buckle. 

Other times, it was not as easy to fix something that broke inside of her. Sometimes, she had to cry for a few days. She had to be angry. She had to grieve. She had to go through her human emotions and allow them to be expressed. She had to feel neurotic and insecure and question all of her thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Perhaps her own fragility allowed her a hidden gift. 

Every time she broke, regardless of the way she mended, her inner strength grew. Being able to look at herself and process her feelings and figure out what was triggering them, and make the necessary changes in her life to work towards positive instead of negative. That was a beautiful, painful aspect of her fragility. That was her version of flight.

Fragile didn’t have to relate to something that was breakable. Fragile could be the weakness that she found strength in, and become a skill she could master.

As she watched the birds dance in the wind, she smiled and considered her own flight.


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