Posing as Passionate


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“At least I’m successful, unlike you,” Iris sneered as she made the comment, her condescending tone slamming into my chest with the force of a speeding car. My body visibly shuddered, and I pressed my lips together to halt a premature response. As I stared daggers at the hateful entity before me, I considered her words. 

What made her successful in her own eyes? That her art was being featured in this gallery for the night? That she had thousands of fans on social media? That she could make everything she worked on sound like a big deal? Was that her idea of success?

I perceived her claim to success as something completely different. Her art was being featured in this gallery because the owner owed her husband a favor. I suspected that many of her social media followers enjoyed her dramatic updates and almost daily bare-skinned selfies. Iris had the ability to make her tasks – whether it was running errands, working out, or actually practicing her art – sound much more interesting than they actually were. I would admit that her one success was crafting a masterful story.

It wasn’t success that separated Iris and I. It was something much more important: passion. You don’t have to tell someone that you are passionate. It is wordless. Passion is relayed to another when they look at you, when they watch you practice your craft. Iris didn’t fall into any of these columns. To me, Iris was posing as passionate. 

Iris wasn’t committed. Her lips continuously wagged, and she painted a grandiose mental picture with her claimed ambitions. But as any of her followers could attest, she was a busy woman with important things to do, and had a multitude of reasons as to why she hadn’t yet started that project she was bragging about the month prior. Yet here she stood before me, proclaiming her success, insinuating passion.

I had learned that passion without commitment was a waste of time. Figuring out how to balance my life between work, family and art had been a treacherous journey. Priorities had been sacrificed, feelings had been hurt, my craft had been neglected. But I came to realize that in order to obtain that success I sought, I would need to commit to that passion. I would have to court it, woe it, and continue to love and provide attention once it embraced me. 

And so I did. I stopped making excuses. I found the time in my too busy schedule. I made room for my new relationship. I didn’t have to broadcast it to the world. I didn’t share my relationship status on FaceBook. My skills were blooming, and I was working towards getting my work shown at various galleries around the city. I owned my new commitment. I was moving towards my idea of success. But I didn’t need to share this valuable insight with Iris. 

I shifted my sightline to one of her pieces on the wall, taking a step past her for a closer look. I quipped over my shoulder, “The road to success and failure are almost exactly the same…have you checked the road signs lately?”


2 thoughts on “Posing as Passionate

  1. ARK September 18, 2016 / 8:22 pm

    With sleepy eyes I opened this blog and Pow !!!
    It really shook me off. You are right, these type of posers usually make you feel that life sucks. But in return, we need not feel like that. Everyone has their own life and their own set of rules. And what’s with these people today? Everyone wants to give real time updates on everything. “Woke up to the sound of 911” tada there goes one tweet. “Sleeping with my teddy” another snap. Phew… where do these people live? On social media? Or real life?
    I am happy that you are so much committed to your writing each day. People like you motivate me daily to write. Thank you so much. It was a lovely blog post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • crazykatya September 18, 2016 / 8:31 pm

      Wow! Thank you for your thoughtful words. Means a lot that you left your view on it.
      Sometimes I wonder if I’m in an alternate universe with the way others behave, but when it comes down to it, I can only control how I handle things, so that is why I choose commitment. I hope my posts continue to inspire!

      Liked by 1 person

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