Graceful Giant


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt: Graceful
Via Daily Post


His eyes were like two endless wells. His muzzle soft as silk. The white snip on the tip of his nose conveyed his playful nature. His long, sleek legs seemed fragile until the sinewy muscles flexed and announced their powerful presence. The immense bay had three socks as dark as the night, one as bright as the spot that obscures vision when the sun is stared at. The natural curve of his neck was obscured by his thick, black mane. The end of his tale brushed the back of his knees. He was her definition of untamed beauty. He was the embodiment of graceful. The girl raised her arms as they flew through the cool autumn evening, two hearts beating to the rhythm of release.

Special thank you to a wonderful blog I follow: Sableyes for bringing Inktober to my attention. 


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