Drinking Fountain for Mice



It’s easy to miss the small things. When I set out with this week’s photo challenge in mind, I thought I’d get a nice shot of the ocean or a pond with a reflection. Something big and beautiful. But as I was hiking, the morning sun caught droplets of water in a blackberry bush along the trail, and invited my curiosity. I tried in vain with my iPhone to get a shot that recreated what my eyes saw: sparkling stars amongst the brambles, but I was unsuccessful. That was when I looked down to see the wonderful little leaf saving water droplets for a mouse drinking fountain. 


As I surveyed the ground, I noticed all of the residual beauty I’d neglected throughout the hike so far. Soon I was on the ground, urging my phone to get closer without degrading the quality of the photo with the sad excuse of a “zoom” feature. 


Being human sized, sometimes I forget to notice the small things. This was a fun challenge that altered my perspective for the remainder of the beautiful morning, and left my imagination seeing small animals enjoying fresh, delicious water droplets. 


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