A Sincere Exchange


     Greg wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. After working with him for five years, Arnold felt he had spent an acceptable amount of time with Greg to have such an impertinent opinion. Greg was the type that evoked cringeworthy feelings from Arnold at the thought of conversation. Arnold wasn’t sure if Greg was just missing a few screws, or if he was trying to be as pessimistic and argumentative as possible whenever he opened his mouth. The thought intrigued Arnold, if it was all an elaborate act, the guy deserved an Oscar.

     “Yo, Arnie.”
     Arnold grimaced at the sound of the voice behind him. Closing his eyes momentarily, he tried to concentrate on thoughts of warm milk and his nice comfy bed, attempting to prematurely calm his nerves. Forcing his face to cooperate, he put on a smile and turned to Greg, “Hey, Greg.”
     Greg was displaying his usual, overly toothy grin. The display should have felt inviting, but to Arnold it was clearly defiant. “Busy day dreaming again? You know what I say about that…”
     Arnold ground his teeth and smiled wider, fighting with all his might not to roll his eyes as he finished the sentence, “Yeah, dreamers never prosper.” 
     “That’s right! You’re learning, Arnie, I think we’ll keep you around for awhile.” chuckling to himself, Greg nodded and turned away, retreating back to his hideaway.
     Arnold turned back to his post, surveying the perimeter. Every day, Greg told him he’d keep him around for awhile, and every day, the joke got harder to brush aside. Who was Greg kidding? He couldn’t run this place on his own. And his view on dreamers was pure lunacy, Arnold wished he had the nerve to tell him that there was a dream behind pretty much every idea, ever.


     Kelly finished scrubbing the last dish and placed it on the drying rack. Reaching into the sink, she pulled the drain stop and listened to the water gurgle as it emptied down the pipe. Glancing out the window, she felt compelled to ask her husband an odd question.
     “Hey, hun?”
     “Yeah?” he answered from the recliner in the living room.
     “Do you think cats have sincere conversations?”
     She heard the recliner creak as her husband vacated the comfortable spot and reluctantly joined her in the kitchen. Kelly didn’t turn to look at him, she kept her eyes trained on the scene outside the window.
     “Now, where did you get an idea like that?” her husband asked, confusion tinging his voice.
     “Our toms, there,” she pointed out the window to their two cats who were sitting in the yard facing one another, obviously conversing, “do you think they are sincere when they talk like that, or do you think they are like all the cats on the internet who say blunt, absurd things?”


4 thoughts on “A Sincere Exchange

    • crazykatya November 6, 2016 / 2:55 pm

      Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed :)

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    • crazykatya November 7, 2016 / 8:12 am

      Thank you kindly, I’m so glad you enjoyed :)


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