An Attempt to Capture Chaos

“Chaos was the law of nature; order was the dream of man.”


While admiring the endless beauty around me on a hike with my family, I came across this aged apple tree. All of the apples had dropped, the only evidence that it bore fruit this year were a few cores left behind by the deer. But it wasn’t the graceful, twisting branches reaching skyward that pulled at my attention, it was the excessive amount of moss that clung to every section of bark. When I got closer for a better look, the concept of chaos presented itself to me.


Is this moss simply covering the tree in a chaotic manner? Or is this a perfectly planned pattern from the mind of Mother Nature?

As we continued down the trail, a large pine tree that had fallen over during a windstorm last month bowed awkwardly before us. The broken trunk and red needles signaled its doomed fate. I looked down to my feet to witness more questionable chaos.


Does my mind’s need to find patterns in the objects around me cause my perception of chaos to be flawed? Does order make me feel more comfortable?  As we left the trail, I came to the conclusion that the patterns of nature can’t possibly be chaos, otherwise I wouldn’t feel such calm while I studied them. 

But perhaps my concept of chaos has just become skewed due to my human perception. There is no question that nature is chaotic over ordered. Really, maybe what I’m so caught up on is the thought that Mother Nature’s patterns are meant to be chaotic. 


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