An Attempt to Capture Chaos

“Chaos was the law of nature; order was the dream of man.”


While admiring the endless beauty around me on a hike with my family, I came across this aged apple tree. All of the apples had dropped, the only evidence that it bore fruit this year were a few cores left behind by the deer. But it wasn’t the graceful, twisting branches reaching skyward that pulled at my attention, it was the excessive amount of moss that clung to every section of bark. When I got closer for a better look, the concept of chaos presented itself to me.

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Drinking Fountain for Mice



It’s easy to miss the small things. When I set out with this week’s photo challenge in mind, I thought I’d get a nice shot of the ocean or a pond with a reflection. Something big and beautiful. But as I was hiking, the morning sun caught droplets of water in a blackberry bush along the trail, and invited my curiosity. I tried in vain with my iPhone to get a shot that recreated what my eyes saw: sparkling stars amongst the brambles, but I was unsuccessful. That was when I looked down to see the wonderful little leaf saving water droplets for a mouse drinking fountain. 

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