Testing for Sheep

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt: Test
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     The safety pin pierced her lip without objection. The sensation of the needle pressing into her finger cued her of success; her lip numbed from a trip to the dentist earlier that day removed the potential for a pain hurdle. The mirror reflected the small, gold pin jutting from her lower lip. Her initial reaction had a tinge of fear, she had never imagined carrying out this type of act before. But as she examined the golden metal and the slight curve of her lips, she realized she was smiling. She was seventeen, she was making a choice, and now she looked pretty bad ass.
     The act of teenage rebellion had resulted in many tests to follow. The first being the fine line of support and discipline from her parents. When her mother noticed her lip for the first time, she had yelled at her daughter to remove it, not to return to the dinner table until she had taken it out. Her daughter missed a meal that night. 

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Double Trouble

Prompt: He’d never had trouble on his first day of school before. This year was different. Everything was wrong.

    It all began as he stood at the corner waiting for the yellow bus with some of the other kids that lived on the outskirts of town and didn’t have their own means of transportation. Kevin saw his mother jogging up the block in her faded pink evening gown with her night robe flapping out behind her like a chicken frantically trying to take flight. Her hair was still up in rollers, putting her haggard appearance on full display as she huffed and puffed closer to him. Horror kept him rooted to the spot, and he was powerless to stop her short of rushing into the group of his peers, shouting his name. She stood before him, taking a moment to catch her breath, then she held out a lunch pail that actually belonged to his younger sibling. Across the front were the smiling faces of over primped female cartoon characters of his sister’s current fad.
    “You forgot your lunch,” She said, then forcefully pulled him into a tight hug and kissed his cheek. “Have a good day at school.”

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