About WriteSemper

I remember the first book I read, and I mean really read. In fourth grade, after a fight on a playground, a teacher took pity upon me and told me to pick a book from the box left in the office. Inside were books left over from the fair where I never had money to spend on such things. I felt so special to be allowed such a small gift.

After shuffling through the various books, I held two in my hand. One was the ‘Adventures of Alex Mac’ (Remember the girl that could turn into a puddle of silver?) and the other was the first novel of the ‘Animorphs’ series. I chose Animorphs, and thus began my love for not only reading, but for writing my own tales.

Now I am a mother of two with an interest in writing fantasy with aspects of psychology  and criminology. My dream is to not only write my own crime series, but to have it published.

Today I chose to write every day to hone my craft.