Slow Death from Silence


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt: Silence
Via Daily Post: Silence


It draped her shoulders like a cloak. She wielded it like a blade to sever an appendage. It bent to her will and struck with precision. She had mastered the art of silence. Though he longingly stared at her, willing her lips to part, he knew his attempt was in vain.

The invisible forcefield, impenetrable. His words were wasted, fizzling to dissolve as no response was offered. No, it wasn’t a forcefield; it was a black hole that claimed his confessions. A darkness that he could not understand; a mystery he wished to unravel. 

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Posing as Passionate


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt: Passionate
Via Daily Post: Passionate


“At least I’m successful, unlike you,” Iris sneered as she made the comment, her condescending tone slamming into my chest with the force of a speeding car. My body visibly shuddered, and I pressed my lips together to halt a premature response. As I stared daggers at the hateful entity before me, I considered her words. 

What made her successful in her own eyes? That her art was being featured in this gallery for the night? That she had thousands of fans on social media? That she could make everything she worked on sound like a big deal? Was that her idea of success?

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Compassion Served Here


Trying something a little different from the usual prompt today – just some words of thought.

I don’t know if I’ve reached the age of reflection, or if I just have more spare time for my mind to wander now days. I find myself in deep contemplation about topics I’ve never considered or had a second thought about before. Is it wisdom I’m acquiring, or have I merely opened my eyes wide enough to see the whole picture for the first time? 

Why is it so easy to criticize another person? Why does it seem that the gut reaction for most situations is for judgement or ridicule? Relaying the scene to others, expressing the folly of the subject and how they should have reacted differently. Why is it second nature to stand by and watch a scene unfold rather than standing up for what’s right?

There are countless answers to these questions. There are right answers, wrong answers, intelligent answers, stupid answers. The reality is that it all comes down to perspective. Your perspective dictates which answer column a response falls into. And in the end, your perspective is what dictates your feelings regarding a situation. 

I have criticized. I have judged. I have laughed inappropriately. But I have began to learn to consider the other person’s perspective. I have began to understand what mindfulness is. 

There’s that saying, ‘You can’t judge another until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes’. It’s a saying that should apply to every situation one finds themselves holding a gavel. 

Being mindful of how your reaction or your words could be perceived by someone else is a big deal. I think this is lost to many with how our society promotes selfishness. I don’t think people honestly realize they are being self centered, they are just doing what everyone else does. But the reality of every situation is that there is always a consequence for an action. So whether you are the person who pulls out your phone to record a kid crashing their bike into a ditch, or the person who runs to offer assistance, or the person who yells what a dumbass they are – be prepared for what the reaction can be. 

And lastly, find a little compassion. I’m an idealist. I like to believe that a smile can change someone’s day. A polite conversation waiting in line at the grocery store can be the much needed attention someone ached for. Taking a moment to be grateful for what you have in life, whether it’s a mansion or a hut, an appetite for knowledge or a love for music. Simple things that make you who you are, things that shape where you are from and what you aspire to be. Let that inspiration of being you feed your compassion for others. Find the compassion to share with someone else, and pass it on.