A Promise to Keep

Writing Prompt
Every night of your childhood, your parents set a trap outside your home. Nothing was ever caught, until the morning of your 18th birthday.


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The Old Man – WriteSemper

[Prompt: One day at home you are dusting off your pictures on the wall and you notice in all of the pictures there is a tall elderly man in a black button down suit standing in all of them but you’ve never noticed it before ]

    Kristen paused in her Sunday ritual of cleaning house to closer inspect the pictures on the wall. She had been dusting the frames when something strange caught her eye. In each of the photographs an old man could be seen standing in the back. He was dressed in a black button down suit, his face sallow, and his hair nonexistent. Checking each of the pictures, Kristen saw him in the background in the newer pictures as well as ones from before her time. Kristen knew for a fact that he had not been there last Sunday when she had dusted.

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From Our Dreams – WriteSemper

[Prompt: It came from our dreams ]

    They called us dreamers. They meant it as an insult, but we took it to heart and adopted the name. When we gained in numbers and began to build our own society, they started to question if dismissing us as a non-threat was the right decision. In truth we were never a threat. Not then. We wanted only the best for the world. Peace began to replace war, food found it way to the hungry, and cures healed the damned. The cautious had the right idea to not fully trust the dawning of what the optimistic were deeming the Golden Age. It was too good to be true, they said among themselves, and they were right. The world had to strike a balance, for there to be good, there had to be an equal amount of bad. Thus they appeared among us, the dreamers, and like one rotten apple spoils a bunch, they brought ruin to our good intentions.

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