The Challenge Master

[Prompt: You poked the cat. ]

     Gary, the self proclaimed Challenge Master, stared anxiously at the new trial before him. He had a long list of accomplishments under his small belt. ‘Don’t climb the tree’ had bagged him the neighborhood record for highest branch reached at the park. ‘Don’t swim in the canal’ produced his pet frog, Pete, who now assisted Gary in grossing out girls. ‘Don’t play in the dryer’ ended up revealing the perfect spot for hide and seek, Janice hadn’t managed to find him yet that summer. 
     ‘Don’t play on Mr. Murphy’s grass’ had probably been the most difficult test so far. Gary gained accomplishment by organizing a neighborhood game of flashlight tag after dark. No one had been caught, the cover of night lending to a quick retreat when Mr. Murphy turned on his sprinklers. Gary’s reputation had spread to the next neighborhood after the that. One might assume the notoriety was going to the young boys head, and they would be right on target.

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Whatever Shelby Wants

[Prompt: Fill in the blanks and use this somewhere in your story: When Shelby arrived at the ______, she knew she was going to ______ for her ______. ]

     When Shelby arrived at the mall, she knew she was going to have to run for her life. As the sun began to set and the turkey carcass was picked barren, the task ahead of her began to weigh heavily on her shoulders. She hunched as she began to mindlessly scrub at a plate, the counter had an endless line of dishes awaiting some sudsy action. 
     A creature of habit, Shelby’s cousin (and arch nemesis), Barbara always harassed her during their family Thanksgiving celebration. A successful ad executive, Barbara had travelled the world, made plenty of money, and practiced all the latest trends. Shelby, on the other hand, still lived in the town she’d grown up in, worked a boring job at the water company, and didn’t have the slightest clue or interest in what was trending.

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