Testing for Sheep

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt: Test
Via Daily Post


     The safety pin pierced her lip without objection. The sensation of the needle pressing into her finger cued her of success; her lip numbed from a trip to the dentist earlier that day removed the potential for a pain hurdle. The mirror reflected the small, gold pin jutting from her lower lip. Her initial reaction had a tinge of fear, she had never imagined carrying out this type of act before. But as she examined the golden metal and the slight curve of her lips, she realized she was smiling. She was seventeen, she was making a choice, and now she looked pretty bad ass.
     The act of teenage rebellion had resulted in many tests to follow. The first being the fine line of support and discipline from her parents. When her mother noticed her lip for the first time, she had yelled at her daughter to remove it, not to return to the dinner table until she had taken it out. Her daughter missed a meal that night. 

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Prompt: Use these seven words in your story: aptitude, slog, manifest, persnickety, capsule, lovesick, teaspoon.

    As Mr. Sloan slogged through the latest batch of disappointing essays, he wondered how he was ever suppose to inspire the teenagers of his sophomore English class. Their aptitude of finding any means to not do the work amazed him. In his opinion, it took more effort to cheat their way through an essay assignment than it did to manifest the words on their own. He didn’t want to sound so persnickety about their work, but reading paper after paper that lacked personality was starting to take its toll. Arthur was starting to hate his job. Continue reading