Craving Confections


Bubbles had never paid much attention to life outside the bowl, until he became the new centerpiece for the bakery display table. Suddenly, he couldn’t help but notice all the sugar his diet was lacking. The circular bowl did little to ease his cravings. As the thoughts slipped from his small mind when he swam away, they soon reemerged as he circled back. It was a bitter cycle. 

Inktober 2016: Hungry


Irrational Fear of Exploding Goats


You go to the supermarket to get a watermelon, but they are out of seedless watermelons, so you decide, “I’ll just get one with seeds and deal with it.” But this watermelon contains something more than just seeds.


     Virginia grabbed her rear view mirror, angling it so that she could apply a fresh coat of lipstick before entering the grocery store. The motion was nearly second nature, Virginia had mastered the art at a young age after discovering her mother’s out-of-season makeup stash. Pressing her lips against one another, she rubbed them together slightly, spreading the ruby red tint evenly. The last step was her favorite, she lowered her chin and pursed her lips, looking up at the mirror and then presenting a shy grin. Virginia giggled to herself as her reflection conveyed her success.
     Stepping out of her car, she eyed the back of the lot, ensuring that the old, red, Chevy pickup was parked in the usual spot. Reaching down, Virginia shimmied her hips as she pulled her levi mini skirt down to an acceptable public space length. She looked down to make sure she was displaying the correct amount of cleavage, but ended up fastening one more button of her plaid tank-top. There was a fine line between desperation and temptation, and she felt her intuition’s balance never failed her.
     The automatic door squealed open as she approached, in desperate need of oiling maintenance. Aaron’s Market was the only true grocery store in the town of Newton. Residents could make a thirty minute drive to Welling if shopping at a chain outlet was what they desired. But true residents of Newton would never admit to such an action, supporting local was the loud, expected mantra of the town. 

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Seeds of Ruin


You go to the supermarket to get a watermelon, but they are all out of seedless watermelons, so you decide “I’ll just get one with seeds and deal with it”. But this watermelon contains something more than just seeds.


    “You know seedless is a lie, right?”
    I glowered at my friend, wishing for once that Russ wasn’t a cynical bastard at any and every given moment. I drummed my fingers along the watermelons displayed before me from a store’s last attempt to sell them to the public. They were half price, but the catch laid in the fact that they were no longer considered seedless watermelons. Inside the hard green balls before me would be an army of black seeds waiting to attempt to assassinate me by means of asphyxiation. I frowned, an expression I directed at my friend who was in possession of the money needed to purchase the much desired food. “But it’s half off.”
    “I don’t care if they were free,” He shrugged and slipped his hands into the pockets of his green pull over while giving the fruit a contemptuous look. “It’ll just end up rotting on the counter.”
    I grabbed one of the smaller melons and held it to my breast as if shielding the melon from the careless words, “What if I ate it all today.”

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