Extraction Specialist


You are a spy who completes every mission with an old paperclip, some silly putty, and one of those shelf-grabber things. Retell your last sortie.


London – Expensive Hotel Suite Somewhere
     I ran the paperclip tip under my nail, forcing gunk and dirt to fall carelessly to the ground as I waited for my subject to wake up. Sitting across from her in a comfortable chair, I eyed her over my upraised hands. The older woman’s diamond necklace moved slightly with each deep intake of breath. Her sedative would be wearing off at any point now, and I had to consider how I was going to handle my next move.
     As the top extraction specialist in my organization, I’d been sent to this room for a very specific job. This woman had information that we needed, and I had limited time to get it from her. I eyed her designer dress and well primped hair, slightly messed from slumping over after I’d drugged her cup of tea. Looking past her carefully applied makeup, age spots emerged, wrinkles breaking the flow of porcelain illusion. I scoffed as I considered if the woman before me had ever had to work a day in her life, or if she’d clung to her husband’s overly expensive coattails and merely enjoyed the limelight. 

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Monster Hunting

[Promt: Write a dark and gritty remake of your favorite kids show. Wait as long as possible to reveal what show you’re referencing ]

    The city streets of my home smelled sour today, and it wasn’t just the trash that currently cluttered the alley I stood in, but because something had made its foul presence known on my turf. Something, some unknown creature, had crawled its way out of whatever hellish dimension it came from and was tearing down my city one wall at a time. Or, more literally, it was melting the walls off of buildings.
    I stood beside one of the holes now, trying not to stare at it in awe. From what I could glean together from the panicked ramblings of witnesses, the creature had spit on the walls and within mere seconds the brick, mortar, drywall, studs, steel beams, whatever what in its way, had disintegrated. I expected the stench of the scene to flood my senses and make my stomach want to turn itself inside out. But whatever the creature had expelled from the depths of its twisted body smell faintly of toasted cheese and my stomach rumbled longingly for the lunch I had abandoned in haste to tend to the escalating situation. At least there were no casualties. Not yet.

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Whatever Shelby Wants – WriteSemper

[Prompt: When Shelby arrived at the ____ she knew she was going to ____ for her _____. ]

    When Shelby arrived at the train station, she knew she was going to pay for her transgression. Growing up in a church taught her that stealing was like reserving a seat on bus destined for hell. Yet she also had heard people throw around the phrase that stealing from a criminal was a victimless crime. Either way, Shelby’s heart knocked against her ribs as if she were out running a marathon instead of standing in the line to buy a ticket for the next train. She hugged the black pack to her chest as she shuffled forward one step at a time. Her eyes kept darting to the front of the station each time the sun reflected off one of the revolving doors. If they were smart, it wouldn’t take them long to figure out which direction Shelby had ran after snatching their bag.

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